Gail Simone

Honor Brigade:  Honor Unbound TPB

Honor Brigade: Honor Unbound TPB

Joe Irvin is a recovering alcoholic working the night shift as a security guard. Little does Joe know that his life is about to take an unexpected explosive turn. Enter Toy Boy, a costumed menace with a vendetta against Joe's employer, Plus-CO, Inc. When Joe runs afoul of the chaotic Toy Boy events are set in motion that will bring together those who are destined to be the new Honor Brigade.

This trade collects all six exciting issues of the Honor Brigade: Honor Unbound mini-series. Joining the original issues is a collection of totally new short stories and pin-ups from fan favorite comic creators like Gail Simone, Mike Bullock, Tim Seeley, Colleen Doran and Mike Norton. This is an all ages title that everyone can enjoy!

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